Welcome To Eorthe

During the last 100 years the amount of national diseases have radically increased.

Diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndromes, cancer and other things have become the norm.

The food we eat is not as nutrient dense, our way of living, social relationships and lives have drastically changed and we are not living in harmony with our origins.

Many people are tired, fatigued, overworked and sick.
It feels like we are distancing ourselves more and more from our origins. We are moving further way from a way of living that´s good for us.

This is literally effecting our health.

For example, we can scientifically prove that inflammation rises in the body when we´re not in close contact with the earth.

That´s why we are here, that´s why Eorthe exists. To help our customers get a little bit closer to their origins to radically improve their health, energy and life.


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