User Guide

Please take a few minutes to read this user guide to ensure that you get the most from your purchase.

Our products provide a convenient way to connect to the Earth’s electrical field while indoors.

This connection is called ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ and provides many benefits.

You can read more about the benefits and the supporting scientific evidence on our website. In general, the more time you can spend grounded the better.

Grounding is particularly recommended while sleeping. We spend many hours of each day sleeping; it is the time when the body is repairing, rebuilding and regenerating, and being grounded optimizes these processes, and also improves the general quality of sleep.

Connecting your product

(1) Place your grounded sheet under or over your regular sheets.

For Half Sheets: We recommend thoroughly tucking in the sheet under the madress to prevent it from twisting when you sleep.
If you find that this is not working for your bed, please keep the half sheet under your regular sheet.

We recommend keeping all our other sizes above your regular sheet.

(2) Snap the connection cord onto the metal stud on the sheet or pillow.

(3) Connect the other end of the connection cord into the ‘ground’ hole of the mains socket outlet.

OBS: US orders does not include a plug, the cord is connected directly to the grounded hole in the socket.


(4) All done! Your sheet is now grounded and ready to use :) If you can’t find the grounded hole in your socket, please contact us at

Using your product

For optimal effect, it is recommended to have direct skin contact with the Earthing product.

However, you will still receive the benefits if you do not have direct contact. The flat sheet can either be used as a top sheet in conjunction with a fitted sheet, or as a bottom sheet tucked around the mattress.

Washing and care instructions

All our products can be machine washed.

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure the longevity of the silver thread.
It is good to wash your Earthing product. It will not be harmed by washing, in fact it is beneficial.

What you can do

Wash in a washing machine with warm water (40°C / 105°F)
Use a liquid laundry detergent
Line dry or dry in a dryer on low (up to 65°C / 150°F) Can be ironed on a low heat if desired

What you can´t do

Don’t wash with bleach
Don’t wash with fabric softeners
Don’t use whitening detergents or oxi-detergents
Don’t use detergents with essential oils such as lavender Don’t use dryer sheet fabric softeners
Don’t dry clean
Bleach, body lotions and oils can tarnish the silver thread rendering it non-conductive

More Information
For more information on your products and on grounding in general, please visit our website.If you have a question, you may find the answer in our FAQs section, but if not then please feel free to contact us at and we will do our best to help you.



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